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Catheters for treating cardiac rhythm disorders

Endosense was founded in 2003 in Geneva. It develops and commercialises TactiCath®, a unique catheter used for treating cardiac rhythm disorders. Catheter ablation is a treatment whereby a special catheter is advanced into the patient's left heart chamber via the femoral vein. TactiCath® improves the safety and effectiveness of catheter ablation treatment. The optic fibres of the catheter measure the contact force between the catheter and the beating heart wall. This to avoid that the contact force is too slight, reducing the effectiveness of the treatment, or that the contact force is too great, risking heart wall perforation. Since heart fluttering is meanly related to old age and the population is ageing, the demand for catheter ablation is expected to increase swiftly. Endosense was acquired by St. Jude Medical in August 2013.





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