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We can rely on Gimv’s strategic support and local network for making acquisitions.

Luc Jullet - CEO


Hansea is Flanders’ leading private bus operator, providing a daily urban and interurban service under the authority of the public transport companies De Lijn and TEC. Hansea is also active in school transport, staff transport and charter services. Today, this Belgian company manages a fleet of around 796 buses.

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When ambition meets ambition

“Released” from under the wing of its parent company Veolia back in 2013, Hansea wants to grow as an independent Belgian player in greener public transport by accelerating the development of a more sustainable bus fleet. How? By pursuing a buy-and-build strategy in Flanders and Wallonia on the one hand, and by investing in electric and hybrid buses on the other.  

We were able to link Hansea’s entrepreneurial ambition to an emerging market opportunity in Wallonia, where public transport isn’t liberalised as in Flanders. Thanks to a joint investment with Cube Infrastructure Fund, which concentrates on European infrastructure, Hansea gathered the capital and the independence to make acquisitions and invest in a greener fleet. Moreover, Hansea allows us to further enhance our expertise in mobility.

Together, we build a leading company

We guided Hansea through four acquisitions of smaller, family-owned operators: one in Flanders and three in Wallonia. We helped Hansea’s management evaluate the business cases and prepare for the negotiations. Furthermore, Hansea fits perfectly in one of the focus areas of our Sustainable Cities platform, being mobility and public transport. On that level too, we put our experience and our local network at their service and add further value by keeping an eye on innovative alternative fuels and changing technologies.

In the meantime, liberalisation in Wallonia has been confirmed for 2019, with the first tenders coming out quite soon. Thanks to the strategic decisions made by its capable management team in the past few years, the odds for Hansea look good.

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