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Gimv’s efforts to truly understand us, our business and our people bring real added value to our business and strategy discussions.

Armin Pohl - CEO


Mackevision is a leading player in computer animation, or CGI (computer-generated imagery), a technique used in 3D visualisation, animation and visual effects. One of the company’s activities is developing product marketing films for Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, BMW and Volkswagen. It also has a visual effects division specialising in movies, TV series and commercials. Founded in 1994, Mackevision employs more than 400 specialists at its Stuttgart headquarters and in offices in Hamburg, Munich, London, Detroit, Los Angeles, Seoul and Shanghai.

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When ambition meets ambition

Mackevision’s management has the ambition to be and remain market leader in CGI. It therefore primarily targets automotive brands, because the car OEM’s will need a partner who can visualise and configure their vehicles. More specifically, the company wants to become a strategic partner of those big original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), which requires a specific footprint, beyond 100 people, maybe beyond 200.

Mackevision can provide solutions for a very diversified client base in consumer goods, TV, film, architects, etc. Finally, the company seeks to expand to other sectors and invest in new products.

Mackevision operates in a market with clear growth potential, that surfs on the trend of global digitalization and the Industry 4.0. Tailored movies and web specials based on product configurators will become standard in tomorrow’s marketing toolbox and the use of visual effects in film and advertising is increasing.

Based on the experience of our Smart Industries team, we helped professionalise the company, which smoothed the path to international growth and accelerated the company towards a next phase in their growth strategy.

Together, we build a leading company

Since the beginning of our partnership in 2014, Mackevision has seen spectacular growth and has more than doubled its turnover in just two years: from EUR 22m in 2013/2014 to EUR 48.6m in 2015/2016. How did we accomplish that?

Firstly, by contributing financial resources, which enabled the company to open new offices worldwide and to develop new technologies. Secondly, we provided strategic support for recruiting a new tier of management to step up operations on a global basis. The reinforced management team – at headquarters and locally – has improved the control and management of the business. The whole process was guided by a transformation plan drawn up by Mackevision, with the assistance of our operating team.

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3D visualization, animation and visual effects
48.6m EUR (2015/2016)
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