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Oldelft UltrasoundĀ isĀ a high-tech medical diagnostic company, specialised in the development, manufacture and service of innovative ultrasound transducers. Oldelft is headquartered in Delft (The Netherlands), employs about 50 people and was formerly a subsidiary of Delft Instruments.

Oldelft Ultrasound is a key component supplier to global OEM ultrasound equipment manufacturers. These OEMs supply ultrasound systems to hospitals and other medical institutions. Oldelft is specialised in the miniaturisation of transducers, mostly to diagnose cardiovascular disorders, and is especially well-known for its TEE (Trans Esophageal Echocardiography) transducers. Thanks to this unique and innovative know-how, Oldelft is the leading independent supplier of this type of complex ultrasound components that serve to treat children and preterm infants as well as adults where it can deliver high quality probes. Within its R&D department several very promising projects for new product designs are ongoing. Oldelft collaborates with different technical and medical universities (e.g. Delft and Rotterdam).

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