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IT services provider

ProxiAD, founded in 1997, is a software engineering services company specialising in new object technologies and business intelligence and is particularly well-established in the "Retail banking/Insurance" and "Distribution" sectors. The company recorded a turnover of EUR 31 million in 2012. It employs more than 500 people and boasts one of the best returns in the sector.

ProxiAD enjoys a strong growth potential, in particular in:
• the strengthening of its presence in Ile-de-France, a region that represents three-quarters of the French information technology services market,
• the expansion of the Group's services ("Infrastructures" centre),
• the development of new client segments ("Telecoms").

Moreover, ProxiAD offers a major competitive advantage with its service centres in the North and West regions of France and in Bulgaria (120 people). This allows it to offer externalised technical support.





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