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We believe that in Gimv we have found the right partner to make the right strategic trade-offs, one that also endorses our vision and business philosophy.

Eric Vos - CEO


Witec is a developer and manufacturer of high-precision parts and sub(systems) for among others mechatronic, inductive and hydraulic applications, located in Stadskanaal. The company has since the management buy-out by Eric Vos (CEO) and Raimon Warta (CTO/CCO) in 2010, transformed from a metalworking company to a full-service contract design manufacturer for leading OEM customers. Witec’s added value is characterized by its development capacity, extensive material and process knowledge, high-precision production capabilities and proficiency in (ultra) clean production. 

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EUR 25 m

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130 FTE's

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the Netherlands

When ambition meets ambition

Both Gimv Smart Industries and the current management team strongly believe in the further growth potential of the company. Based on its strong customer relationships, combined with distinctive qualities and high added value, Witec is well positioned to capitalize on growth opportunities with existing and new customers. We are very much looking forward to working with the management to further grow Witec as a strategic partner for leading OEMs.

Together, we build a leading company

Witec, together with Gimv, will continue to invest in expanding the production capabilities and capacity. This will enable Witec to sustainably grow with their customers. Gimv's approach, which is focused on long-term value creation and establishing a real partnership, fits well with Witec’s customer-approach and their collaboration with clients.


Developer and manufacturer of high-precision and high-tech parts and (sub)sytems
EUR 25 m
Exit date
130 FTE's