Maja Markovic

Sustainable Cities

Maja Markovic joined Gimv's Sustainable Cities team in February 2019. Since then she has been responsible for the acquisitions of the Köberl Group and the E-Gruppe/Klotter Elektrotechnik in Germany and represents Gimv on the board of directors of these companies. Aditionally, she serves on the board of directors of our portfolio company Wemas.

Prior to joining Gimv, she worked at Ambienta Capital where she focused on industrial growth investments in companies driven by environmental trends. Maja, having also worked for Metro AG, AEA Investors, Novator Partners and Merrill Lynch, has over 15 years of investment experience. 

Maja Markovic holds a Bachelor in Business Administration (Hons) from Lancaster University and a Master in Business Administration from the Hong Kong University of Science & Technology.