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The challenges facing our health & care system are considerable:  the ageing population, an increasing number of chronic diseases, better-informed patients and breakthrough technology continue to push up the demand for but also the cost of health care. This trend offers significant investment opportunities into pioneering biotechnology companies, innovative medical technology providers or leading businesses in the health care services space.

Our Health & Care platform is familiar with the entire lifecycle business, from start-up to public company, and invests across the full value chain. Our multidisciplinary international team is reinforced by a strong international network, including experts from the health and pharma industry.

Investment stages
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Health & Care Services
Health & Care Services


Life Sciences
Life Sciences


Life Sciences Advisory Board

The Gimv Life Sciences Advisory Board consists of 6 seasoned industry veterans with expertise in drug- and medtech development, company building and M&A. They will assist the Gimv Life Sciences team with portfolio development, deal sourcing and assessing general industry trends.

Advisory Board Life Sciences


Investment focus

  • Biotech comprising drugs, platform technologies, vaccines and diagnostic tests.
  • Medtech such as medical devices, consumables, IT and small equipment.
  • Health & Care Services, such as clinics, homecare, integrated elderly care,… but also specialized suppliers to the Health & Care sector.
H&C SD goals

Health & Care team

Gimv Health & Care Fund

Gimv Health & Care focuses on growth companies in the Health & Care Services and Medtech sectors in order to invest in the development of innovative care concepts and the internationalisation of successful business models. This approach responds to a number of big trends that are also an important challenge to our society. Gimv Health & Care had its first and final closing in 2014 with a total size of EUR 150 million.

Gimv Health & Care focuses on innovative companies in Gimv's home markets, including the Benelux, Germany and France. With a term of 12 years, Gimv Health & Care presents itself as a long-term partner for the targeted projects.