Gimv invests in Studiekring, the market leader in tutoring and student coaching in the Netherlands - High ambitions for further growth

25/08/2011 - 07:30 | Portfolio

Gimv has acquired a majority interest in Studiekring, the market leader in the Netherlands in tutoring for primary and secondary students. The remaining shares will continue to be held by the founders of the company. Besides acquiring existing shares, Gimv is also providing fresh growth capital, forming a sound basis for Studiekring's ambitious growth plans. No financial details will be published about this deal.

Studiekring ( was founded in 2000 by Reinier and Ivo Richaers. Since then, Studiekring has grown to become the Netherlands' largest independent company in the field of tutoring, student coaching and examination training. Headquartered in Utrecht, Studiekring currently has over 50 branches throughout the Netherlands with almost 600 employees. The aim is for Studiekring to double in size over the next few years, in terms of branches, turnover and cash flow.

Studiekring's unique selling point is its student-centred approach. An individual intake interview helps to clarify the student's learning goals. Studiekring not only focuses on improving grades, but also on developing independent learning skills which will serve the student well in the long term. Thanks to its scale, Studiekring is able to offer a high-quality service for a competitive price.

Reinier Richaers, co-CEO and co-founder of Studiekring: "We are delighted to have found in Gimv a partner that wants to actively expand Studiekring's position as market leader throughout the Netherlands." "What really attracted us to Gimv was their willingness and ambition to support the company's growth in a way that suits Studiekring", continues his brother Ivo Richaers, co-CEO and co-founder of Studiekring.

Ivo Vincente, Head of Buyouts & Growth Netherlands at Gimv: "We have been following developments in the education sector closely for some time. We believe that Studiekring plays an important role in meeting the increasing demand for tutoring and coaching. We are impressed by Studiekring's potential as well as its management's experience and drive. Together with them we have pulled out all the stops to write a sequel to this inspiring growth story."

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