Report of the Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting

28/06/2023 - 17:45 | Financial

Today Gimv held its Annual General Meeting (AGM). 40.81% of the shares were represented (11,109,957 shares). The GM approved the gross dividend of EUR 2.60 per share (EUR 1.82 net) in the form of an optional dividend.

Today, the AGM accepted the Board of Directors’ proposal to pay a gross dividend of EUR 2.60 (EUR 1.82 net) per share in the form of an optional dividend. This corresponds to a gross dividend yield of 6% on the closing price of the Gimv share on 27 June 2023. The exact modalities of the optional dividend will be announced via a separate press release shortly.

Furthermore, the financial statements for financial year 2022-2023 have been approved. The AGM also granted discharge to the directors and to the statutory auditor in respect of the exercise of their duties under their term of office during the financial year that ended on 31 March 2023.

The AGM further approved the renewal of the mandates of Mrs. Hilde Laga, Mr. Marc Descheemaecker, Mr. Geert Peeters and Mrs. Brigitte Boone as directors on recommendation of Vlaamse Participatiemaatschappij NV. In addition, the cooptation of Mr. Jan Desmeth as new director on recommendation of Vlaamse Participatiemaatschappij NV in succession of Mr. Karel Plasman was confirmed.

Finally, it was reiterated that Gimv’s board of directors has been informed of the intention of the reference shareholder (Vlaamse Participatiemaatschappij NV, wholly owned by the Flemish Region) to explore possible strategic options for its holding in Gimv, including the possibility of a full or partial sale. Rothschild & Co have been instructed by the Flemish Government to identify these strategic options. The course and timing of any further procedure are currently unknown.

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