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Trading update


Over the past weeks, Gimv has entered into contractual agreements concerning the possible sale of some portfolio companies, among them Coolworld (Sustainable Cities, NL), GPNZ (Healthcare, DE) and Impact (Consumer, BE). In addition, the sale of a fourth participation will be announced in the coming weeks.

Some of these transactions are still subject to certain conditions pending final closing. Any further communication on the individual files will be coordinated with the parties involved.

When finalised, these transactions will have a combined positive impact on the cash position of over EUR 250m and on the portfolio result for the current financial year of over EUR 100m (or approx. EUR 4 per share).

More details and a more comprehensive update on Gimv's activities and portfolio evolution will be provided in the scheduled communication of the half-year figures on 23 November 2023 covering the full first half of the 2023-2024 financial year.