Corporate sustainability and futureproofing our companies

Societal challenges and megatrends form foundation of our platform organisation and investment approach.
Companies that offer sustainable solutions to societal challenges such as climate change or an ageing population undoubtedly have a solid starting point.

ESG at Gimv in a nutshell

Gimv’s ESG strategy has two pillars.

  • Gimv as a responsible company: relates to Gimv as a company. It includes Gimv’s direct ecological footprint, Gimv’s role as a responsible employer, and the extent to which Gimv applies the principles of corporate governance and business ethics.
  • Gimv as a responsible investor: relates to how Gimv integrates ESG in the different stages of its investment process.

Gimv officially became a signatory to the UN-Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI). 

Would you like to know more about our ESG approach? Welcome to consult our Responsible Investing Policy.



PRI Signatory


ESG in practice: examples in portfolio companies

ESG rating

In the context of Gimv’s ambition to establish an active dialogue and interaction with ESG rating agencies, Gimv conducts since 2021 a periodic extensive rating exercise together with Sustainalytics. In 2021, this resulted in the recognition as an Industry and Regional top ESG performer out of more than 4,000 comprehensive companies globally covered by Sustainalytics.

Today, Gimv has an ESG rating of 11.0 representing a bottom range low ESG risk. Want to find out more? Please read the Sustainalytics Summary ESG Risk Rating Report.

Gimv is proud to have been identified for two consecutive years as an Industry and Regional top ESG performer out of more than 4,000 comprehensive companies globally covered by Sustainalytics..


ESG Top Rated 2023

Gimv joins the BEL® ESG Index

For two consecutive years, Gimv received a low ESG risk rating from Sustainalytics meriting both a Sustainalytics Industry and Region top rated badge and now also a place in the Euronext BEL® ESG index.

Gimv has been a frontrunner by choosing more than a decade ago for a platform investment strategy based on societal megatrends. This constituted a solid foundation for our enduring ESG efforts, integrating sustainability in our continued dialogue with our portfolio companies as part of the mission to build leading companies together. This recognition represents an important milestone in our ESG journey.


Sustainable finance framework: including sustainability in the funding of Gimv

In February 2021, Gimv developed the Gimv Sustainable Finance Framework under which Gimv can issue sustainable finance instruments allowing Gimv to match its funding with its strategy as a sustainable private equity investor. The alignment of the framework with the ICMA 2018 Green Bond Principles, the 2020 Social Bond Principles, the 2018 Sustainability Bond Guidelines and the LMA 2020 Green Loan Principles was validated by Sustainalytics via the issue of a second party opinion.

Gimv ESG-studio

Portret Vincent Van Bueren

ESG Contact

Coordination of Gimv’s ESG approach is entrusted to the Gimv Compliance & ESG Office, which is best placed to facilitate maximum interaction between all actors, both inside and outside Gimv, and to ensure appropriate accountability.