Corporate governance

Good corporate governance is essential to sustaining successful companies’ growth. Gimv is keen to be exemplary in this respect. Gimv uses the Belgian Corporate Governance Code for listed companies (2020) as its reference code (hereinafter the '2020 Code').

The text of the 2020 Code is publicly available on the website of the Belgian Corporate Governance Commission
( The monitoring study conducted in 2021 by Guberna and VBO on behalf of the Belgian Corporate Governance Committee showed that Gimv fully complies with the 2020 Code.

Specific information about Gimv's corporate governance practices is available in the Corporate Governance chapter of the Annual Report. This chapter contains information on appointments, remunerations and any conflicts of interest.

Corporate Governance Charter

In December 2005, Gimv adopted a Corporate Governance Charter that details the key aspects of its corporate governance policy:

  • Governance structure
  • Shareholder structure
  • Board of Directors
  • Advisory committees
  • Day-to-day management
  • Code of conduct

The Corporate Governance Charter is regularly updated to reflect relevant developments. The latest version was approved by the board of directors of Gimv in September 2022. To request a hard copy of the Corporate Governance Charter, please send an e-mail to

Corporate Governance Charter

Code of conduct

Dealing code

Board of Directors Composition

Remuneration policy

Articles of association

he Articles of incorporation provide the legal basis on which the company is established.

Download Articles of Association

Board of directors

As mentioned in the articles of association of Gimv, the board of directors consists of twelve members.

Download Composition of the board

Five members of the board of directors are appointed from among candidates proposed by the Flemish Government, as long as the Flemish Government holds 25% of the shares. In the list below, their names are marked with an asterisk (*).

Six members of the board of directors are non-executive independent directors appointed from among candidates proposed by the nomination committee. In the list below, their names are marked with a bullet (°).

For further information on the composition of the board, please consult the Annual report and the Corporate Governance Charter.

Executive committee