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The Consumer platform focuses on companies that respond to the needs and preferences of consumers who consciously choose active, healthy and ecologically responsible lifestyles.

Consumer goods and services form a diverse ecosystem, represented by millions of companies across Europe, from tiny SMEs to multinationals. Almost all of them seek to respond to consumer trends such as health and well-being, spoiling oneself, sustainability, digitization, etc.

In Consumer, Gimv collaborates with a wide range of companies,both younger ‘digital native’ and more established, both B2B and B2C, both production and distribution. In so doing, the team wants to be a trusted sparring partner for entrepreneurs wanting to write the next chapter of their business stories. With our skills that complement entrepreneurs’ in-depth sector knowledge, we are keen to turn challenges into opportunities. With more general sector knowledge and lots of experience from other growth companies, in particular with fresh perspectives and an open mind. Seeking sustainable growth and value creation through innovation, internationalisation, digitisation and sustainability.

Investment focus

  • Food & Beverage
  • Pet Food & Care
  • Home & Family

with Consumer, Gimv contributes to realizing the Sustainable Development Goals.

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