Connected Consumer Consumer

Has there ever been a more exciting time to invest in the Consumer space?

Generations Y and Z fundamentally change our consumption patterns and trigger important social innovation. Health-conscious, indulging in experiences and demanding transparency and social responsibility, no professional in the consumer business can ignore their influence, be it as a consumer or in the workplace.

Go-to-market strategy for any company that wishes to connect to a consumer keeps evolving at great speed. Physical and digital blend into one seamless experience - anything less will soon become unacceptable - and creates great opportunity for innovation.

The companies we team up with can be in direct contact with consumers or operate in a B-to-B environment. They can be in branded business, in production or distribution. They have their home markets in Benelux, France or DACH but often serve a mass niche across the globe. They can be younger, digitally native companies or companies with a solid heritage. But they embrace the new rules of consumer engagement and have the ambition to grow to their next level.

As a Connected Consumer team and as part of the Gimv organization we have a few entrepreneurial basics that we share with our partner-companies: common business sense, investing in a sustainable financial and organizational structure, ruthless execution, adapting to new circumstances and opportunities and above all, to work with the best people.

Change in consumer habits was the driving force behind the creation of the Consumer Platform within Gimv a few years ago. This has only become more relevant and exciting today.

Investment focus

  • Health consumer
       - Healthy food trends
    Sport & Leisure
  • Indulgence consumer
       - Fine Food & Beverage
    Convenience Food
    Personal Luxury
  • Work-life integration
       - Career & Education
       - Home & Deco
       - Baby & Kids
    Pet products
CoCo SD goals


  • Get to know our 5 pillars for value creation
  • Look into our portfolio
  • Our investment approach and added value

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